July 24, 2012

InteractEasy – Seamless Interaction with Online Visitors

Website visitors deserve personal, one-on-one attention when shopping online and researching businesses on the web. Unfortunately, very few companies have the resources available to assign staffers to communicate with online customers directly. Until now.

InteractEasy is a voice chat widget that businesses can place on their websites to encourage communication with customers and convert more leads into actual sales. To see how InteractEasy would look on your own professional site, just enter your URL on the InteractEasy site and click “Submit.” InteractEasy will provide you with a demo, so you can see how its widget would look placed alongside the content you already have. If the demo inspires you to proceed with the service, then sign-up for an account. InteractEasy’s setup process takes just one minute to complete. After logging in to your dashboard, you’ll be asked to add the names of any agents who’ll be working on your company’s behalf. Customize your widget text and color to fit with the aesthetics of your site, and then copy/paste the provided code and the widget will show up.

When customers get to your site, they’ll see an InteractEasy widget in the bottom right corner. Clicking on the small tab will open up a medium-size window, which looks similar to an instant messaging display. Here, customers can choose to chat via IM or call your company directly through the web. In addition to facilitating communication, InteractEasy also helps you learn more about your customers—like who referred them, where they live, and how much time they’ve spent on your site—before accepting any online calls.

Practical Uses:

  • Give online visitors an easy way to reach your customer support center
  • Reach out to customers who’ve spent time on your e-commerce site without buying anything
  • Answer any questions a website visitor may have about your product
  • Collect data about the customers who are visiting your online store

Insider Tips:

  • Widgets can be customized to reflect the aesthetics of any site
  • Users can get messages sent to their visitors via SMS or email
  • Calls can be initiated by customers or agents
  • Customers can share files with agents through the InteractEasy widget

What we liked:

  • The InteractEasy widget can be placed on any site
  • InteractEasy keeps a complete list of interaction records
  • Visitors can give their feedback based on interactions they’ve had with agents
  • InteractEasy offers a number of ways of communication

What we didn’t like:

  • Although businesses can make some adjustments to the look of their widgets, they can’t customize their widgets completely


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2012 (Beta 2)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Founded by: Ritika Shetty, Hitesh Sidhwani, and Jayesh Sidhwani
  • Web site:


  • Startup plan is free
  • Growth plan is $15.99/month

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