September 27, 2012

Scribble – Simple Wikis Using Markdown

Scribble is a tool that developers can use to create simple wiki pages using markdown syntax. Scribble users can view changes on their wikis immediately as they type, and they can collaborate with colleagues in a secure online environment.

Enter your email address and choose a password to sign up for a Scribble account. The page you end up on is your very first wiki. Click “New Page” to get started building your first page with markdown. All the content you type in markdown syntax under the “editor” header on the left hand side of the page will show up immediately under the “preview” header on the right hand side of the page. Type up a set of instructions for your team, a workplace guide for your staff, or a project outline for your biggest client. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve created, click “Create” to save your new wiki page. If you’re ever stumped on proper markdown syntax, head back to your main wiki page and click on the link to Daring Fireball’s markdown syntax documentation for additional help.

To get more use out of Scribble, you’ll want to add collaborators to your account. The collaborators you add can view and edit your wikis, making it easy to work together on projects with colleagues who work remotely. Teams that rely on wikis for collecting large volumes of information can use Scribble to organize this information, even if they don’t use a project management application that can handle similar tasks.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a wiki with instructions for uploading content to your server
  • Make sure remote workers are on the same page as the rest of your staff
  • Collect information from new employees
  • Organize large volumes of data for an upcoming project

Insider Tips:

  • Users can add an unlimited number of collaborators to their accounts
  • People with free plans can create up to five wikis
  • Wikis must be written in markdown syntax
  • Users can link to other wikis from within their wiki pages

What we liked:

  • Scribble is extremely simple and straightforward to use
  • Teams can use Scribble without having to pay any monthly fees
  • Live previews let people see what changes they’re making as they type
  • Teams of coworkers can easily collaborate on group wikis

What we didn’t like:

  • Users who need more than five wikis have to sign up for paid accounts


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Plus plan is $6.99/month
  • Pro plan is $34.99/month

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