September 28, 2012

Learning2Spell – Online Education for Early Learners

Parents who want to help their children become better spellers have a new tool in their arsenals. Rather than relying on hundreds of handwritten flash cards or expensive tutors to get the job done, parents can sign their children up for Learning2Spell, a web-application that tests, tracks, and improves children’s spelling abilities.

Whether your child is falling behind in school or sitting pretty at the top of her class, it’s never too early to start offering additional educational lessons at home. Select a spelling list based on your child’s grade level in school and the country where you live. Learning2Spell offers eight “essential spelling lists” with a total of 343 words, and eight “grade based” lists with a total of 1,817 words. Click on a list to see all the words your child will be expected to learn, then start a new spelling test to see where your child is at before beginning his or her lessons. Each spelling test includes multiple choice and fill-in answers, and Learning2Spell will provide audio when necessary to ensure your child knows how the words she is learning are spoken and spelled.

The more your child uses Learning2Spell, the smarter the application gets. The web-app’s “intelligent software” automatically adapts based on the words each child is struggling with, which helps to guide children along without making them repeat words that they already know by heart. The application also takes a multi-pronged approach to cheating by preventing children from copy/pasting or using their browsers’ autocomplete functions to fill in answers.

Practical Uses:

  • Give your child a spelling test to see what level she is at
  • Help your child improve his or her spelling skills
  • Encourage your child to get better grades in school
  • Set aside time to practice spelling each night before dinner

Insider Tips:

  • Users need to register before they can start taking spelling tests
  • Learning2Spell offers spelling lists for children in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Learning2Spell disables copy/pasting for people using the site
  • Geography lists quiz children on the countries and capitals around the world

What we liked:

  • Teachers can have their students use the site for free
  • Learning2Spell concentrates on the words a child is missing when giving follow up spelling tests
  • Students can preview the audio for any word
  • Advanced spellers can quickly move up in grade-based spelling lists

What we didn’t like:

  • Learning2Spell focuses primarily on spelling, rather than helping with grammar and other school subjects like math


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