February 22, 2013

HappyFox – Resolve Customer Complaints


HappyFox is a customer support and ticket management application that ultimately helps businesses create more satisfied customers. The hosted solution offers tools to keep companies of all sizes organized, efficient, and responsive to their clients’ needs.

Start decreasing the time it takes your employees to respond to customer queries and complaints by signing up for a HappyFox account. Add an embedded support form to your website, or ask customers to submit their issues via email. Each incoming request is turned into a ticket within the HappyFox platform. Tickets can be reviewed and organized from the dashboard, and red dots appear alongside any tickets that haven’t received a response. Assign complicated tickets to specific employees (like senior-level managers), and give each ticket a priority based on its significance to your company. Your HappyFox help desk system can be customized based on the way your company works, allowing you to set custom statuses (like “open,” “on hold,” or “solved”) and select the sequence in which tickets should be displayed.

What makes HappyFox especially useful for busy enterprises is its automated actions. Businesses can create rules that run in the background. When certain conditions are met, these rules come alive and specific actions (like assigning a ticket to a particular staffer, for example) are taken automatically. HappyFox also offers reporting tools that managers can review to measure the productivity of their employees at any time.

Practical Uses:

  • Encourage website visitors to submit their queries
  • Respond to more customer complaints in less time
  • Route marketing questions to an employee in your marketing department
  • See how long it has taken your staff to respond to support tickets this week

Insider Tips:

  • Support staffers can add private notes to any ticket
  • Tickets can be sorted based on priority level
  • High-priority tickets can automatically be assigned to senior staffers
  • Developers can integrate HappyFox’s API with third-party applications

What we liked:

  • HappyFox handles every aspect of a company’s help desk
  • Teams of employees can work together within the application
  • Support staffers can easily see which tickets haven’t been responded to yet
  • Businesses can personalize the HappyFox dashboard based on how they use the app

What we didn’t like:

  • Companies with a Starter plan aren’t able to set up help desks on their own custom domains


Company Info:

  • Launched: August 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Chennai, India
  • Founded by: Tenmiles Technologies
  • Web site:


  • Starter plan is $39/month
  • Basic plan is $99/month
  • Plus plan is $199/month
  • Biz plan is $499/month

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