April 25, 2013

Scoreboard – Automated Invoicing

Time is money, and nothing is a bigger time drain for the average small business owner than invoicing and collecting on unpaid bills. Scoreboard is a web-application that aims to make that process easier, providing its users with ways to automate their billing and collect payments through the web.

Scoreboard guides you through the billing lifecycle, beginning from the moment when you’re asked to submit an estimate or proposal to a potential client. Create a new project — making sure to include a name, client, and financial estimate — and include all the line items that go into your final budget proposal. One way to save time in this process is by saving your most frequently requested products or services and quickly entering those items (along with their prices) on any new proposals you send out. Rather than manually typing these items in on multiple invoices, you can add individual items (with prices included) with the click of a button. Once your budget gets approved by the client, mark it as “active” and start working on the new project with your team.

Fast forward to the point when your project is completed, and you can submit your bill through Scoreboard, as well. With Scoreboard, you can invite clients to view and pay their invoices online through Paypal. You can also keep up-to-date on the status of your team’s ongoing projects by logging onto the Scoreboard app from your tablet or smartphone when you’re not in the office.

Practical Uses:

  • Send a client an invoice based on the hours you spent working on his project
  • Quickly generate estimates for customers who are interested in your pricing
  • Track how much time you’ve spent working on a client’s new logo
  • Check up on your employees to see how much progress they’ve made on a project

Insider Tips:

  • Integrate Scoreboard with your Paypal account to accept online payments
  • Scoreboard works on tablets and smartphones
  • Add a company logo to your invoices and estimates
  • Offer clients discounts on their invoices for early payments

What we liked:

  • People can track how much they’ve charged for certain services previously when they add those services to their list of “products”
  • Users can include a penalty for late invoice payments
  • Scoreboard makes it easy for people to check their budgets and make sure they’re still on track
  • Users can include sales tax in the invoices they send out

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Pricing starts at $15 per month


  1. Thanks for the review of Scoreboard, AppVita! I’d be happy to answer any questions you or your readers have regarding Scoreboard or invoicing in general.

    David Raffauf

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