April 26, 2013

CashControlApp – Build Wealth By Taking Charge

CashControlApp is a cloud-based application developed for people who want to get a handle on their finances. People who are interested in finding out where their money is going each month — and how they can keep a little more of it in their pockets, without sacrificing on necessary expenses — can use the application to track income and expenses, create realistic budgets, get automated bill reminders, manage outstanding loans, and generate detailed financial health reports.

Start taking control of your personal wealth by creating an account, selecting a currency, and adding your first expense, income, or bill. The expenses, income, and bills you add to CashControlApp will show up on your timeline, which is also where you’ll find account balances and budgeted categories. The income you add can be filtered and budgeted into the accounts you set up. Meanwhile, the expenses you’ve added are automatically included on a calendar that shows when each of your bill payments went out. As time goes on, you’ll be able to create detailed reports based on the data you’ve put in. These reports show your total income and expenses, as well as spending trends by category or account.

One thing that sets CashControlApp apart from its competitors is flexibility. Individual purchases can be split into multiple categories, and users can add customized tags to any transaction. CashControlApp also offers tools that help people reach financial goals like paying off credit card debt or saving for a family vacation. Pro users have the option to import their bank statements and reconfirm any transactions they forgot to manually add to their CashControlApp accounts.

Practical Uses:

  • Create detailed budgets to track your income and expenses
  • Start working toward paying off your credit card debt
  • Find out how much money you spend at coffee shops and cafes each month
  • Track your spending habits and see exactly where your money is going

Insider Tips:

  • Pro users can import their bank statements as CSV or Excel files
  • Families can create multi-user accounts
  • Email notifications alert users when bills are due
  • Users can attach receipts and other supporting documentation to any transaction

What we liked:

  • CashControlApp makes it easy to track where the cash in your wallet is going
  • Data can be used to create useful charts and graphs
  • Users can add target dates to their financial goals
  • CashControlApp offers mobile apps for iOS and Android

What we didn’t like:

  • CashControlApp doesn’t automatically pull transaction data from all of a person’s online bank accounts
  • Many of the best features are only available with a Pro subscription


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan is $4.99/month

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