June 19, 2013

CoachUp – Find a Private Coach


Think your toddler might be the next Michael Phelps or Serena Williams? Don’t let that (potential) talent go to waste. A web-application called CoachUp helps you find qualified coaches to provide private lessons for your little one as a way to boost confidence, skill, and athletic technique.

Little League practices and group tennis lessons can only get a budding athlete so far. To take your child’s skill to the next level, he or she needs professional help. Enter your city on the CoachUp site, then filter the results by sport, hourly price, and distance from your home. CoachUp will provide you with a list of coaches who live in your area, along with information about each coach’s qualification, background, and pricing. Some coaches may also post their typical training plans, to give you an idea what each coaching session might look like. When you find a coach that fits what you and your child are looking for, click “Book Now” and book as many sessions as you’d like. You can pay via credit card through the CoachUp platform, and contact the coach directly after you’ve checked out.

CoachUp isn’t just a useful platform for young people who want to improve their athletic prowess, it’s also a great tool for experienced coaches who’d like to make some extra money outside their 9 to 5 jobs. CoachUp provides client leads, free marketing, automatic payment processing, and $100,000 worth of liability insurance coverage for coaches who schedule private sessions through the site.

Practical Uses:

  • Improve your jump shot
  • Get extra help before your high school basketball tryouts
  • Train year-around for a seasonal sport like soccer
  • Mentor athletes who needs extra guidance in your local community

Insider Tips:

  • The CoachUp Resource Portal provides hundreds of articles on developing sports skills and techniques
  • CoachUp offers discounts on coaching certification courses
  • Coaches get access to $100,000 worth of liability insurance
  • People can buy gift certificates for family or friends

What we liked:

  • CoachUp makes it easy for people to find private coaches for their kids
  • Private coaches can help student athletes train even when their sport isn’t in season
  • CoachUp provides a 100% money-back guarantee to athletes
  • Every coach on the CoachUp platform goes through a vetting process

What we didn’t like:

  • CoachUp doesn’t have any coaches listed in many small to mid-size cities
  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: May 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Founded by: Arian Radmand and Jordan Fliegel
  • Web site:


  • Hourly coaching rates vary


  1. Hey guys, thanks a ton for reviewing our app! One favor — take another look at this in about one month (July), as we are releasing a COMPLETELY re-vamped and full-featured app. Vast improvements are underway, and although this is coming from my own very subjective standpoint, it’s safe to say that the new app blows version 1.0 out of the water!

    Justin Hamilton
    CoachUp Community Manager

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