June 27, 2013

Formisimo – Improve Your Online Forms


Online forms are one of the primary ways that businesses capture information from their website visitors, and yet many business owners have no idea whether the forms they’ve embedded are actually helping to improve conversion rates and sales statistics. Formisimo is an analytics tool shows users how to improve their online forms for a better customer experience.

Sign up to test out Formisimo while the platform is still in Beta. Install a piece of Javascript on your website to give Formisimo access to your forms. Check out the data that Formisimo has gathered by visiting your Formisimo dashboard page. Formisimo will show you the number of form visits and number of form submissions within a custom date range, along with the average form completion time and most corrected field. Formisimo analyzes this data and uses a complex model to come up with actionable advice on how you can improve your forms. The advice that Formisimo provides is intended to make it easier for visitors to complete your forms, and ultimately complete the sales process.

In addition to its basic analysis tools, Formisimo also offers features that businesses can use to create “experiments” and run A/B tests. These testing features help business owners and web publishers compare the effect that variables (like question type or format) may have on conversion rates.

Practical Uses:

  • Convert more website visitors into actual customers
  • See how long it took the average visitor to fill out your online questionnaire
  • Get more people to complete your website sign up form
  • Find out if there are any bottlenecks in your e-commerce check out process

Insider Tips:

  • Paste Formisimo’s code into the footer of your website
  • Formisimo works with WordPress, Magento, ZenCart, and other popular apps
  • The platform works on desktops and mobile devices
  • Formisimo doesn’t track the keys your visitors have pressed when they fill out forms

What we liked:

  • Formisimo provides actionable advice on improving web forms
  • Business owners can get insight into why more customers aren’t signing up for their newsletters
  • Publishers can run A/B tests with Formisimo
  • Users have the option of whether to set up Formisimo’s more advanced features

What we didn’t like:

  • Formisimo’s post-beta pricing is still to-be-determined


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Founded by: Al Mackin
  • Web site:


  • Free during beta


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