August 1, 2013

Rerun – Accept Recurring Payments

Collecting payments from customers is almost always a hassle, particularly for businesses that collect recurring payments on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. Sending out printed bills, and then waiting for customers to mail in their checks, is a cumbersome process. For businesses that offer subscriptions to clients, Rerun offers an innovative solution.

Eliminate the headaches associated with client billing — and paper checks, in particular — by signing up for a Rerun account and charging clients on a recurring basis by credit card or bank transfer. Set up your account by adding information about all the “packages” you offer (making sure to include pricing, billing frequency, and details about the products or services included in each package), and then add contact information for each of your customers. Payment streams can be customized based on the frequency, number of payments, and billing schedules. You can also pro-rate your clients’ first payments. Rerun encourages you to set up a profile for each customer, providing separate tabs for contact information, payment activity, email history, and preferred payment methods.

On a pre-selected date each month, Rerun will auto-process payments for any client on a recurring payment schedule. Clients can pay via credit card or automatic bank withdrawl. The web-application makes it easy to notify customers when their cards have expired or been declined, and you can retry transactions manually at any time. In addition to its monthly billing features, Rerun also offers email templates that businesses can use to create events-based messages, along with tools to create reports and projections based on payment activity and customer trends.

Practical Uses:

  • Set up recurring billing for clients at your fitness center
  • Process more payments in less time
  • Generate business reports as a way to gain insight into your company
  • Notify clients at your spa about upcoming events and specials via email

Insider Tips:

  • Rerun supports outside merchant accounts from Global Payments, First Data, Elavon, and TSYS
  • Businesses have the option of creating merchant accounts with Rerun
  • Rerun works on most web browsers and operating systems
  • Businesses can import items and prices into Rerun as Excel files or CSV files

What we liked:

  • Businesses can accept credit cards or eChecks
  • Payment streams can be customized based on the frequency of payments or billing schedule
  • New users can call Rerun’s tech support for help setting up their accounts

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Small plan with Rerun merchant account is $15/month
  • Small plan without Rerun merchant account is $29/month
  • Medium plan with Rerun merchant account is $29/month
  • Medium plan without Rerun merchant account is $49/month
  • Large plan with Rerun merchant account is $49/month
  • Large plan without Rerun merchant account is $99/month

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