August 5, 2013

Time Cockpit – Track Time & Productivity

Time Cockpit is a time tracking application that individuals and businesses can use to boost productivity and accountability. Using the application’s “signal tracker,” professionals can automatically create logs of all client work performed on their PCs. These signals can then be transformed into time sheets in just a few quick clicks.

Take control of your time by signing up for Time Cockpit and plotting your tasks on a graphical calendar. Add individual tasks (like “Working on project X,” or “Meeting with client Y”) to your Time Cockpit calendar, and immediately rectify any overlapping entries. Time Cockpit’s signal trackers log the work you do on your desktop computer and automatically fill out your time sheets based on the data they collect. The application will also import the call history from your telephone to use when tracking billable hours. As a whole, these features are extremely useful in generating accurate client invoices.

Although the majority of Time Cockpit’s features would be suitable for independent entrepreneurs, the web-based application also offers team tools through its self-serve portal. Colleagues can collaborate on projects using common databases, and define data access permissions based on each employee’s individual role. Extensive reporting and security features are also important for business clients.

Practical Uses:

  • Track how much time you’ve spent working on a client’s project
  • Share data with colleagues through the online platform
  • Generate accurate invoices based on billable hours
  • See what topics you’ve worked on during any given day

Insider Tips:

  • Use Time Cockpit even when you don’t have Internet access
  • Import data to Microsoft Office at any time
  • Create varying access permissions for employees
  • Time Cockpit syncs data between multiple devices

What we liked:

  • Signal Trackers can be set up to include all types of data on activity logs
  • Groups can use Time Cockpit to collaborate on projects
  • Reporting features make it easier to create accurate client invoices
  • Users can see custom maps that show where they’ve been working on projects

What we didn’t like:

  • Time Cockpit’s pricing could get confusing for businesses with multiple employees


Company Info:


  • € 0.20 per user, per calendar day

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