August 27, 2013

Memofon – Create Mind Maps From Text Outlines

Mind maps are a powerful tool that people can use to share knowledge, create wikis, and develop all different types of personal lists. The trouble with most mind maps, however, is that they’re usually difficult for the average person to create. Memofon is a platform that eliminates that barrier, allowing users with minimal technical experience to seamlessly convert text-based markups into mind maps in just a few simple clicks.

Type up an outline of your notes from scratch inside the Memofon application, making sure to use the appropriate formatting to add titles to your nodes. You’ll want to use Memofon’s formatting guide to start adding nodes, subnodes, nested nodes, child nodes, and the like to your mind map. Use markdown formatting to customize your map and change the color of important nodes. Memofon lets you customize your mind map as much as necessary, with different themes, fonts, formats, and links. Zoom in or out to get a closer look as your mind map grow. You also have the option to view your map in full screen mode. When you’re done building your mind map, export it as an offline version (HTML5) or in OPML format.

One feature that separates Memofon from competing mind mapping applications is the ability to format your maps to include to-do lists (with progress tracking). You can also create personal knowledge wikis and pro/con lists. Memofon is an excellent solution for teachers, students, and business leaders who are looking for better ways to brainstorm and share big ideas with their peers.

Practical Uses:

  • Turn basic text outlines into interactive mind maps
  • Create a pro/con list to share with your coworkers
  • Build your own personal knowledge wiki
  • Develop an interactive presentation that can be shared via email

Insider Tips:

  • Export mind maps as HTML5 or OPML
  • Memofon can perform basic calculations
  • Add links to mind maps
  • Use “[x]” to mark individual tasks as complete

What we liked:

  • Straightforward demos provide guidance for new users
  • Mind maps can be formatted in any number of ways, depending on the user’s needs
  • Memofon is a great tool for educators and students
  • Users can easily share the mind maps they’ve created

What we didn’t like:

  • Memofon offers very little in the way of online support


Company Info:


  • Free

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