November 21, 2013

BucketListly – Turn Lifelong Dreams Into a Reality

Everyone’s got a bucket list, but finding the motivation—or the guts—to turn lifelong dreams into a reality can be challenging, to say the least. BucketListly is a web application that helps people accomplish their goals, using virtual badges as an incentive to encourage people to “unlock” special moments with their friends.

Sign in to BucketListly with Facebook and get straight to work creating your own list of goals you’d like to accomplish. The goals you add to BucketListly should be once-in-a-lifetime, epic adventures. You can add the goals that you’ve had in mind for years, or browse through the goals that other users have created for inspiration. BucketListly is a collaborative network, which means you can work toward accomplishing some of your goals with friends. Discuss your goals with other BucketListly users to get insight and encouragement. You may even find people who’d be interesting in tackling certain goals, like climbing a mountain or jumping out of an airplane, right alongside you. BucketListly rewards you for your accomplishments with virtual badges. You can add tips and photos of your achievements to your personal timeline, and share your accomplishments with friends on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.

Although BucketListly is meant to be a social app, users do have the option to keep their lists completely private. At the opposite end of the sharing spectrum, people can use BucketListly’s widget to embed bucket lists on their own personal websites or download their lists as images to post on blogs.

Practical Uses:

  • Get motivated to accomplish some of your life goals
  • Go on an adventure with your best friend
  • Find inspiration for once-in-a-lifetime trips
  • Brag to your Twitter followers about the amazing things you’ve accomplished

Insider Tips:

  • Add a BucketListly widget to your website to embed your own bucket list
  • Users must connect BucketListly to their Facebook accounts
  • Download your list as an image
  • Connect to Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter to automatically share your unlock moments with friends

What we liked:

  • Users can create custom goals or adopt the goals that their friends have posted
  • BucketListly encourages users to share their experiences to help other people with the same goals
  • Connecting with Facebook makes it easy to find friends who also use BucketListly
  • Privacy options allow users to keep their goals a secret from friends

What we didn’t like:

  • BucketListly hasn’t released a mobile app, although that functionality is coming in the future


Company Info:


  • Free


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  2. Bucketlistly is a great service, but I’d still like to recommend our service, Do It! Prove It! ( While Bucketlistly is a very visually oriented, travel-themed bucket list site, we think of ourselves as a social network for people to share and track their accomplishments.

    We’re not just a site for you to display the pictures of your trips but rather, share your the things you’ve done that you’re genuinely proud of. Graduated from school? Share it. Lost weight. Share it. If you can prove you did it, share it. (We will eventually be allowing people to complete achievements without proof, albeit in a less meaningful way than someone who has proof.)

    We hope you’ll check out!

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