January 24, 2014

primaERP – The Future of Time Tracking

In the future, every moment will be tracked, timed, and recorded. PrimaERP is taking a stab at turning the future into reality today, with a web-based time tracking application that generates detailed reports based on how its users spend their time at work.

Live a more efficient life by signing up for a primaERP account. As soon as you’ve signed up, you can start tracking how you spend your time on the web, down to the second. Create a new project on primaERP each time you begin a new project in real life, making sure to include a description and select an activity category. PrimaERP also gives you the option to preload all of your descriptive data automatically using its Impulse panel. Based on your time tracking, primaERP will create reports that show exactly how you spend your time. Compare reports over previous time periods and group entries together by category to start seeing the larger picture.

The reports that primaERP generates make it easy to bill clients for your time. Just set a price for each activity, and primaERP will handle the rest. The application is also a useful tool for promoting teamwork. Evaluate the time your colleagues spend working on group projects and arrange reports in a way that makes it easy to see which employees are contributing the most to any given task.

Practical Uses:

  • Track how much time you spend working on accounting tasks each week
  • Generate accurate invoices based on billable hours
  • Find out which members of your team are logging the most time at work
  • Compare reports between various time periods

Insider Tips:

  • Mark a project as “billable” to create records for invoicing
  • Assign projects to specific clients and divide them into tasks
  • Deactivating a project marks it as complete without deleting it from the system
  • Connect primaERP to Google Calendar, MS Exchange Calendar, and Basecamp

What we liked:

  • Reports mark the amount of time that has been “efficient” or beneficial
  • Users can create time records by dragging and dropping Impulses onto a calendar
  • “Activities” can be used to improve people’s work habits
  • The Impulses feature lets you track time by showing planned tasks or events

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Free for 3 users
  • For each additional user, $3.99 per month


  1. Debbie

    Sounds really nice and has a lot of important features! Thanks for the great tip! I’ll def check it out 🙂

  2. Reign

    Interesting tool. I haven’t heard of PrimaErp but the time monitoring software I’ve been using and has been helping me track my time and monitor my work is Time Doctor.
    Anyway, I would like to suggest to you to put primaERP and some other time tracking tool you know that we might have missed on this list:
    It’s openly editable so that anyone can keep the Google spreadsheet updated. 🙂

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