March 26, 2014

ResumeRepublic – Put Your Best Foot Forward

ResumeRepublic is a web-based application that job seekers can use to create stylish, professional looking resumes online. ResumeRepublic generates responsive resumes that look great on any device and can be easily edited without any prior knowledge of programming or design standards.

Take your existing resume up a notch by signing up for ResumeRepublic and browsing through the available templates. Templates are broken down into premium and free groups, and most include room for basic information like name, work experience, career objectives, and education. You can even add a photo or change the color options to give your resume a completely custom look. Templates come with integrated QR codes, which are generated automatically based on the contact information included on your resume. ResumeRepublic offers resume SEO features, along with a real-time statistics module that shows how many people have viewed, downloaded, and printed your resume.

In addition to looking great on desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices, ResumeRepublic’s premium resumes can also be adjusted for printing on traditional printers. Printed resumes may look slightly different from online resumes, depending on whether they’re printed on Letter or A4, however ResumeRepublic guarantees that its designs can be easily adjusted for printing in CMYK.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a new resume that looks professional
  • Make sure employers find your resume when they Google your name
  • Generate a QR code to include on your resume
  • See how many people have downloaded your resume this week

Insider Tips:

  • ResumeRepublic users who share the same name may see a number at the end of their resumes’ URLs
  • Edit your resume as frequently as you need using ResumeRepublic’s tools
  • Paid memberships are automatically renewed after one year

What we liked:

  • Users with free accounts can see how their resumes would look on premium templates
  • QR codes are automatically generated using the contact information from a user’s resume
  • Premium resume templates are adjusted for printing in CMYK
  • Users can easily share links to their ResumeRepublic resumes on social networks

What we didn’t like:

  • ResumeRepublic currently only offers one free template option


Company Info:


  • Free account
  • Standard Club Membership is $10 per year
  • Premium Club Membership is $30 per year

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