April 16, 2014

Picreel – Turn Abandoned Visitors Into Customers

Picreel is a tool that businesses can use to recover visitors who’ve left their websites without converting, and ultimately turn those people into customers. Known as a “conversion rate optimization” platform, Picreel works by analyzing the mouse movements of online visitors and triggering events to stop those visitors from leaving a website at the moment they were about to click away.

If you’re like most e-commerce retailers, it’s not uncommon to see 50 or more visitors bounce away from your website before one person decides to make a purchase. Picreel says it can help decrease bounce rates using mouse detection technology. Install a single line of Picreel code into your site’s HTML, and the web-based application will begin tracking your customers’ mouse movements on real-time. As soon as those mouse movements indicate a visitor is about to leave the browser or close a window, Picreel powers a popup that compels the visitor to stay on your site. Typical popups may include coupons or limited-time offers. Picreel also follows up on these interactions with automated emails to shoppers.

In addition to decreasing bounce rates, Picreel can also provide business owners with a better understanding of what they can do to keep visitors on their websites for longer. The application’s dashboard provides users with real-time information about visit lengths and conversions, along with full campaign reports.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep customers on your webpage for longer
  • Offer a coupon to encourage shoppers to make purchases online
  • Look for ways to keep your online visitors engaged
  • Use automated email follow-ups to recover visitors who’ve abandoned your site

Insider Tips:

  • Picreel offers custom designs to fit each user’s website branding and aesthetics
  • Companies can run A/B testing to optimize their campaigns
  • Picreel offers email marketing integrations for e-newsletters, sales videos, and gift cards
  • Users can manage their campaigns from a mobile device

What we liked:

  • Picreel’s “exit intent” technology is a smart way to keep customers from bouncing
  • Detailed analytics provide insight into what’s causing visitors to leave a website
  • Businesses can reach out to past visitors by sending automated email follow-ups
  • Users have the option to upload their own banners or use one of Picreel’s free designs

What we didn’t like:

  • Picreel’s design service isn’t available for users with the Basic plan


Company Info:

  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
  • Founded by: Klaus Homman and Gareth Knott
  • Web site:


  • Basic plan is $69 per month (paid annually)
  • Plus plan is $159 per month (paid annually)
  • Pro plan is $399 per month (paid annually)

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