May 21, 2014

Pricify – Effortless Sale Alerts

Smart shoppers know to wait until the items they love have gone on sale before making a purchase, but manually going back into a store to check prices each week or month is a tedious experience. Pricify automates the process and lets people know immediately when the items they’ve flagged at online stores have decreased in price.

Get Pricify’s browser extension to make using the service as easy as possible, then click on that extension anytime you come across an item you love while shopping online. Pricify will take all the items you’ve flagged across multiple retail websites and group them together on your own Pinterest-style shopping pages. From these pages, you can see the current price of each item and how many other people are watching the same item, and you can buy the item directly when the time is right. Pricify tells you the all-time high price of each item you’ve saved, along with the all-time low, which is useful information when you’re trying to decide whether you’re ready to pull the trigger. If the price drops even further, Pricify will notify you via an automated email or Facebook notification.

Although there are some retail websites that claim to send you information when their products go on sale, Pricify stands apart because it works across hundreds of popular retail websites. Pricify takes the data about items from hundreds of stores online, and brings it to one centralized location. Pricify will soon offer a mobile app that people can use to shop from their smartphones and tablets, as well.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out immediately when a dress you’ve been eyeing goes on sale
  • Get historical pricing data about a laptop computer
  • Scroll through a curated list of all the items you’ve tagged
  • Buy a new wallet at the lowest possible price

Insider Tips:

  • Get Pricify’s Chrome extension
  • Pricify works with more than 700+ supported retailers
  • Self-learning features help Pricify learn more about users over time
  • Pricify works with any language, currency, and location

What we liked:

  • Historical pricing data is useful to people when making purchasing decisions
  • Users can discover what products are being tracked by other Pricify users
  • Pricify immediately notifies users when flagged products go on sale
  • Facebook notifications are useful for people who spend a lot of time using social networking tools

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricify still hasn’t rolled out a mobile app


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2013 (Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Founded by: Kiran Kumar and Ajay Mathew
  • Web site:


  • Free

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