June 6, 2014

RadiumCRM – A CRM Tool for Gmail Users

Gmail users are a loyal bunch, and many are hesitant to utilize web-based apps that require them to start using new platforms and tools for email. RadiumCRM is a Google-based CRM platform that was built for just these people. Billed as the “first CRM built exclusively for Gmail,” RadiumCRM helps its users stay on top of their tasks and keep their professional relationships organized.

RadiumCRM is a standalone CRM product with Gmail’s email client “baked in.” What that essentially means is that you can send and receive emails from your business contacts without having to leave the RadiumCRM platform. Just connect the solution to your Google account. RadiumCRM will quickly grab all of your contacts, emails, and events from Gmail to add to your CRM. Rather than exiting the RadiumCRM platform to follow up on the next business email you receive, you can respond to messages from the web-based platform. Compose your message, and choose whether to have RadiumCRM send you a notification if you haven’t received a response within a certain number of days. You also have the option to send the email you’ve composed at a later date and time.

Like most CRM solutions, RadiumCRM offers valuable tools like task pages, calendars, pipelines, and address books. The platform also collects the social media profiles of its users’ professional contacts, and imports the information seamlessly into the platform. This helps users put a face to the name when they’re responding to professional emails.

Practical Uses:

  • Receive email notifications when you haven’t received a response from a contact
  • Quickly respond to professional emails from within the CRM interface
  • Track prospects throughout the sales pipeline
  • Create and update deals from inside your Gmail inbox

Insider Tips:

  • Import contacts from Gmail or CSV
  • Download the Chrome extension to automatically clip contacts
  • Save time composing responses by using the email templates feature
  • RadiumCRM automatically fills in missing address book information

What we liked:

  • RadiumCRM reduces the amount of data entry typically required when implementing a new CRM solution
  • Users receive instant notifications when someone opens an email they sent
  • The “send later” feature is great for people who work in the middle of the night
  • People can use RadiumCRM for responding to both work and personal emails

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Free in beta

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