June 13, 2014

PageProofer – Close the Feedback Loop

PageProofer is a tool that teams can use to keep track of feedback during the website development process. Rather than clicking back-and-forth between emails, spreadsheets, Word documents, and browser tabs, PageProofer users are able to leave feedback—and read the feedback left by others—directly on their websites.

Enter some basic information about your website, including the domain where PageProofer should run, to begin using the web-based application. As soon as you paste the provided embed code into your website’s HTML and invite colleagues to join the platform, you’ll be able to start taking advantage of PageProofer’s tools. Click back over to your website, and you should see a new icon in the top corner. The next time you have feedback or an issue that needs tracking, just double click anywhere on the screen and you can leave a note that will be visible to your whole team.

PageProofer is an excellent solution for tracking issues and resolutions, and it offers tools that enable teams to manage large projects in a centralized location. For example, users can visit their dashboard pages to see which pages of their sites have feedback waiting to read. Feedback and notes can then be turned into tasks, which can be prioritized and assigned to the appropriate team member. PageProofer also integrates with popular project management apps like Basecamp and Trello.

Practical Uses:

  • Leave feedback on a website redesign project
  • Track the progress of any issue
  • Keep all bug tracking information stored in one place
  • Quickly turn a client’s comments into actionable tasks

Insider Tips:

  • Link issues to the pages where the problem was first noticed
  • PageProofer integrates with third-party apps like Basecamp and Trello
  • Visit the dashboard to see the status of every note entered into the system
  • Organize tasks by priority, user, or page

What we liked:

  • Businesses can make it easier for clients to leave feedback on their projects
  • PageProofer reduces the amount of time teams spend tracking issues
  • Team members can comment on each other’s work
  • PageProofer alerts people when a new issue has been identified

What we didn’t like:

  • PageProofer offers limited options for users who’d like to integrate the service with their existing project management apps


Company Info:


  • Trial account is free
  • Freelancer account is $15 per month
  • Studio account is $25 per month
  • Agency account is $50 per month

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