July 22, 2014

Pushpin Planner – Collaborative Planning for Agile Teams

Pushpin Planner is a collaborative resource planning application built specifically for agile teams. The web-based solution offers all the tools necessary to become a complete ERP solution through collaborations with other cloud-based apps.

If traditional resource planning has become too granular for your organization, then Pushpin Planner has an alternative solution. The company gives its users autonomy to plan the days and weeks ahead. Visit the Resource module to see which of your employees is free in the coming days. You can filter this information by team, skillset, or any other filters you dream up. Then, view your Project Cards and assign a need for any project and date range. You can drag team members to specific cards, and give team members their own unique URLs so they can view their schedules in real-time.

Pushpin Planner is aiming to be a high-level dashboard for businesses that need smarter ways to keep tabs on their team’s commitments. Users can see how their teams ended up performing against their commitments. Pushpin Planner also integrates with third-party time tracking tools, which enables users to see how their team’s actual working hours compared to their original plans.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep tabs on your team’s commitments
  • View your team’s actions in real-time
  • See how your team’s working hours compared to your original plan
  • Let your team members view their own schedules

Insider Tips:

  • Drag-and-drop team members onto project cards
  • Compare allocation vs. actual time spent on specific tasks
  • View the total hours assigned and worked for each person on your team
  • Use Pushpin Planner’s Gantt chart visualization tools

What we liked:

  • Pushpin Planner gives users a high-level overview of their team’s commitments
  • Team members can collaborate with each other in real-time
  • Pushpin Planner offers real-time burn reporting
  • Managers can give their teams restricted views of their schedules

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


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