July 23, 2014

Blinksale – Simple Invoicing Tools

Blinksale is a professional-level billing solution with incredibly straightforward tools for sending invoices and collecting on payments. Developed for businesses that need to invoice clients for products sold or services rendered, Blinksale is used by thousands of attorneys, accountants, designers, developers, journalists, contractors, and engineers.

Before starting on a new client project, use Blinksale to create an estimate. Follow Blinksale’s step-by-step instructions to generate an estimate that includes the anticipated cost and the scope of work, and wait for your client to approve, decline, or add comments to the estimate before your job begins. Approved estimates can be converted into invoices, and you can send those invoices via integrated email or as a PDF. For clients who receive recurring invoices, Blinksale is capable of handling automated billing, as well. The web-based platform will also remind you to send thank you notes when you’ve received payments from clients.

Connecting Stripe to your Blinksale account allows you to collect on invoices online. Your clients can pay by credit card, and the funds are deposited into your checking account by Stripe. For small business owners who are looking for an unlimited invoicing solution, Blinksale is a straightforward platform that’s worth checking out.

Practical Uses:

  • Ask clients to approve their estimates before beginning on any work
  • Send recurring invoices to customers each month
  • Remind clients via email before their invoices are due
  • Give customers a way to pay their bills online

Insider Tips:

  • Connect Blinksale to Stripe to accept credit card payments from customers
  • Blinksale integrates with PayPal
  • Tag invoices and estimates to keep your billing practices organized
  • Save time by setting a default message for reminders and thank you notes

What we liked:

  • Blinksale offers an unlimited package for businesses
  • Businesses can send customizable reminders to their customers
  • Clients can approve or decline the estimates they’re sent
  • Approved estimates are automatically logged in a business’ records

What we didn’t like:

  • Blinksale is more suitable for small to mid-size businesses than large enterprises
  • Blinksale doesn’t offer an integrated time tracking component


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2005
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
  • Founded by: Josh Williams
  • Web site:


  • $15 per month for an Unlimited package

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