July 24, 2014

LeavePlanning – Scheduled Employee Vacations

LeavePlanning is an “intuitive” employee vacation tracking solution that takes a collaborative approach to managing time off requests. Designed for both employees and managers to use, LeavePlanning helps decrease the confusion that results when multiple people ask for the same days off of work.

Set up LeavePlanning at your business and encourage your employees to get onboard. Employees will login to LeavePlanning to request vacation time, and you (as the manager) will receive an automatic notification after each request has been made. If you’ve set up the auto-approve feature, then your employee will receive a confirmation that his or her request has been granted if it fits within the guidelines you’ve created. Periodically review the details of your employees’ requests by visiting LeavePlanning and having a look. You’ll see the type of leave, the start and end dates, and the order when leave requests were made.

Using LeavePlanning ensures that paperwork is never lost, and there are never any debates over who was first to ask for a certain date off. LeavePlanning’s employee vacation tracking module integrates with the platform’s scheduling, time clock, and attendance modules. This guarantees that that a company’s calendars are always up to date, regardless of when vacation requests come in.

Practical Uses:

  • Put in a request for a week off in August
  • Automatically approve vacation requests from your employees
  • Allow one-week vacations on a first come, first serve basis
  • Decrease the paperwork associated with leave requests

Insider Tips:

  • Create rules and auto-approve conditions
  • Manage your staff at multiple business locations
  • Use the calendar to keep track of everyone’s weekly schedules
  • LeavePlanning’s employee vacation tracker integrates with the company’s scheduling, time clock, and attendance modules

What we liked:

  • Managers don’t have to worry about losing any paperwork
  • LeavePlanning settles any arguments over who submitted a leave request first
  • Employees can change their requests without sending follow up emails
  • Notifications are automatically sent when requests are submitted

What we didn’t like:

  • None


Company Info:


  • Free 30-day trial

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