September 17, 2014

Sparta – Create & Manage Sales Competitions

A little friendly competition is a healthy way to inspire growth amongst sales teams. Sparta is a web-based application that managers can use to foster this type of growth, instituting the types of well-designed workplace competitions that help sales teams thrive.

What behaviors or activities are most valuable to your sales team? How you answer that question will determine the specific types of sales competitions you create with Sparta. Competitions can run the gamut from tracking individual deals, meetings, and phone call frequencies, to measuring how frequently competing team members make it into the office on time. Invite your employees to participate in a competition that you’ve created by sending them a link through Sparta, and then sit back while those team members join the competition and start registering their results through the web-based app.

Team members can check the Sparta leaderboard to see where they stand compared to their colleagues at any time. This drives transparency and accountability, and fosters a competitive culture within most sales environments. Sparta’s platform also includes a chat feed with @mentions, along with daily email updates based on the status of certain competitions.

Practical Uses:

  • Encourage your team to make more sales calls each day
  • Offer an incentive to people who arrive first at the office each morning
  • Reward your top performing staffers
  • See which members of your company are closing the most deals

Insider Tips:

  • Run multiple competitions at once
  • Set up email notifications to find out how you’re doing in any competition
  • TV mode is a useful feature for companies wishing to show competition results on in-office flat screens
  • Use the chat feed to communicate with fellow competitors

What we liked:

  • Sparta can help teams improve actual sales results
  • Team competitions are useful for fostering collaboration
  • Managers can motivate their teams by offering incentives for winning competitions
  • Sparta’s platform is optimized for mobile

What we didn’t like:

  • Users have to manually input their sales data into Sparta


Company Info:


  • $15 per user, per month

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