September 26, 2014

Capshare – Redefining Equity Management

Capshare is a cloud-based platform that changes the way equity management is handled. Doing away with spreadsheets and paper certificates, Capshare instead uses electronic certificates and workflow automation tools to enable its users to share, generate, and circulate legal documents and cap tables.

Designed for executives, administrators, shareholders, investors, lawyers, and accountants, Capshare offers a way to track options and share cap tables while staying in compliance with current tax laws. Copy and paste your existing cap table data from Excel into Capshare, and the application will immediately begin tracking your equity information. You can view Capshare’s tools for managing cap tables—including equity plans, convertible debt, and preferred stock—along the left-hand side of the dashboard page. You can also search through your saved cap table information by keyword, and use Capshare’s cap table auditor feature to ensure you’re maintaining legal compliance.

Capshare offers a number of useful features for executives and administrators who are looking to streamline the way their companies handle equity management. For example, the platform is able to automatically calculate distributions to shareholders at any point in time. It’s also capable of issuing electronic certificates, and provides its users with tools for signing legal documents electronically. These tools are part of the reason why Capshare can be considered an excellent solution for businesses that are looking for ways to simplify equity plan administration.

Practical Uses:

  • Easily share cap tables online
  • Track liquidation preferences and shareholder dividends
  • Calculate distributions to shareholders at any exit value
  • Maintain full legal compliance with cap tables
  • Insider Tips:

    • Run waterfalls for current and prospective investments
    • Import/export cap table information from Excel
    • Store all of your company’s legal documents in a centralized location
    • Capshare is currently working on an API for third-party platform integration
    • Capshare supports option expensing and 409A valuations

    What we liked:

    • Capshare helps users extract more meaningful data from their cap tables
    • All users can access their cap table information at any time
    • Electronic documents saved in Capshare are much more secure than paper documents
    • Documents can quickly be signed with legally-binding e-signatures

    What we didn’t like:

    • Capshare charges extra for businesses with more than 25 options


    • None

    Company Info:

    • Launched: 2012
    • Privately Held
    • Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • Founded by: Jeron Paul and Todd Miller
    • Web site:


    • Free plan
    • Starter plan is $29.95 per month
    • Premium plan is $100 per month

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