October 28, 2014

PicnicHealth – Organized Medical Records

PicnicHealth is a tool that people can use to keep their medical records organized, centralized, and completely secure. The web-based application collects and updates its users’ medical records, and then sorts the information it gathers based on what is most important.

Manually collecting personal medical records from dozens of specialists’ offices is a difficult and time consuming process, however PicnicHealth has introduced an automated solution that replaces outdated folders and paper printouts with a completely web-based platform. In order for PicnicHealth to start collecting this information, you’ll need to hand over the first and last names of all of your doctors. Give out this information by telephone or by entering it manually on PicnicHealth’s website. If you have access to any patient portals, you can give your login information to PicnicHealth, and the application will securely pull all of your records into its system. For the final step in the collection process, you’ll be prompted to e-sign a form that authorizes PicnicHealth to request additional medical records—primarily those that haven’t been included in your portal accounts—on your behalf.

Once PicnicHealth has gathered your records, the application organizes them into a timeline with an emphasis the most relevant tests and findings. You can see trends over time—for example, how your white blood cell count or blood pressure has fluctuated over the last decade—and gain access to original medical documentation when necessary. PicnicHealth is also able to deliver records to new your doctors’ offices via email, web link, fax, or paper.

Practical Uses:

  • Give your new doctor access to your complete medical history
  • Pull records from multiple offices into one system
  • Collect original copies of your medical records
  • Stay on top of any health-related trends

Insider Tips:

  • PicnicHealth syncs with hundreds of patient portals
  • Click on a record to access the original documentation
  • Users must sign a HIPAA release to allow Picnic to access health records data

What we liked:

  • PicnicHealth automatically pulls key information from hundreds of pages of records
  • Records are regularly updated without users having to make additional requests
  • Labs from different doctors are merged within PicnicHealth
  • PicnicHealth will deliver its users’ records to new doctors’ offices

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people may not feel comfortable giving PicnicHealth all of their medical information


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2014
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Noga Leviner
  • Web site:


  • One-Time plan is $295
  • Everything plan is $39 per month

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