January 9, 2015

Thought Plan – Minimalistic Planning

Bloated project management applications can actually slow down office workflows, which is why Thought Plan has taken the opposite approach. The web-based solution is a “minimalistic tool” that professionals can use to plan projects, organize thoughts, and store basic documents in the cloud.

Thought Plan works just as well whether you’re planning a work project, writing down a list of recipes, or getting your thoughts organized before a big presentation. Just open up a new document and start writing down everything that’s on your mind. Using markdown formatting, you can quickly give your thoughts structure and create lists, along with larger chunks of text. When you’re done, click anywhere on the page and your thought plan will be ready to save. Along the left-hand side of the page you’ll see a list of categories within your document. Click on that list, and you can quickly see the text you added in each section. Thought Plan allows you to generate read-only links to your thoughts, which you can then send to colleagues and friends for their review.

Speed and versatility make Thought Plan different from competing applications. Thought Plan is a useful platform that gives structure to people’s thoughts and ideas. Using Thought Plan is just as easy as writing text, but the resulting documents are much more straightforward and easy to navigate.

Practical Uses:

  • Plan out all the aspects of a party you’re hosting
  • Type up a speech
  • Study for an upcoming exam
  • Archive your grandmother’s best recipes
  • Insider Tips:

  • Create nested lists
  • Generate a read-only link to share your thought with others
  • Click anywhere on the page to complete a thought

What we liked:

  • Thought Plan supports markdown formatting
  • People can give their thoughts structure using Thought Plan’s tools
  • Users are able to store simple documents in the cloud
  • Large documents can be broken down into bite size chunks

What we didn’t like:

  • People have to feel comfortable with using Markdown to take full advantage of Thought Plan


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