October 14, 2013

EntourageBox – Share Filed With Friends

Anyone who uses cloud storage knows the drill. When you drag and drop files from a computer into your cloud storage folder, you can access those files from any device with an Internet connection. But what about when you want to get files from your friends’ devices, and they don’t use the same cloud storage services? EntourageBox is a tool that makes cloud storage services more social, by developing a way for users to invite their friends to upload files into their own cloud-based folders.

Select which cloud storage service to connect with—EntourageBox works with Dropbox, Google Drive, and S3 Bucket—and then grant EntourageBox permission to manage a specific folder. Choose which folder in your drive you’d like friends to upload files to, and then generate an “upload URL” to share via email. Friends who click on this URL will be directed to a custom EntourageBox page with instructions on how to upload files into your cloud storage folder. Friends can upload files, start the download, and even delete certain files mid-process if they change their minds. EntourageBox encourages people leave feedback below based on how the process worked for them.

The files your friends have uploaded will be available in your cloud storage folder, and you can delete the URL you shared at any time to prevent any more content from being added. EntourageBox offers a completely free basic service. It is an excellent tool for individuals looking to collect large files from multiple colleagues or friends online.

Practical Uses:

  • Collect all the photos taken by friends at your wedding
  • Quickly share work files that are too large to email
  • Share documents with people who don’t use the same cloud storage service as you
  • Create a general collection box where colleagues can store their completed files

Insider Tips:

  • Users need to grant EntourageBox permission for OAuth access
  • Priority uploads are the first to be moved from EntourageBox’s secured containers to a user’s cloud storage
  • EntourageBox will try to complete an upload four times before deleting a request
  • Upload URLs can be deleted at any time

What we liked:

  • EntourageBox supports the three most popular cloud storage services
  • EntourageBox makes it easy to share large files with friends
  • Files are stored in secure, temporary folders while they’re queued for uploading
  • People can use EntourageBox for free

What we didn’t like:

  • EntourageBox limits the size of a single file that a user can upload


Company Info:


  • Free Tier URL
  • Priority URL is €1.49

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